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DBCC Operating Co Data Protection Policy

We, the Directors of DBCC Operating Company (‘the Company’) wish to document that we take Data Protection seriously and wish to conduct the official affairs of the Company concerning our employees, customers/clients, events and the use of the church centre building in accordance with:

  • i) best practice;
  • Ii) the Data Protection Act 1998; and
  • Iii) the General Data Protection Regulations enforced from 25 May 2018.


We appreciate that an individual person’s name and contact details (including telephone number(s), postal address(es); and email address(es)) comprise sensitive personal information. If we, as a Company, hold such personal information for an individual on an official basis in connection with employment, events, or rental/use of the church centre, we will seek to ensure the following:

  • that the individual concerned knows the nature and detail of their personal data which we hold
  • that they know and agree to why we hold it
  • that with their help, we will endeavour in so far as possible to keep their data up-to-date
  • that they can ask at any time for their data to be amended or deleted altogether
  • that they know and agree to the length of time for which it is intended we hold their data.

Personal data held electronically will, in so far as is possible, be held on an encrypted device, or if the electronic device used is not encrypted, the device will be password protected and stored as carefully and as safely as possible. Personal data held in paper form will be stored in a locked cabinet. We will not pass an individual’s personal information on to any other party without the consent of the individual concerned. Should you have any queries about this policy, please contact the church centre office.

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